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The practice of shared services that has become increasingly popular in recent years comes from the logic of reducing costs by the common use of services and spaces required in a workplace. The implementation of shared offices has surpassed the initial aim of sharing of workplaces, becoming centers of inovation and entrepreneurship, providing direct contribution to the development of social capital.

Services offered within the scope of shared services are listed as follows:

  • Use of Shared Spaces
    • Open Space Offices
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Conference, Seminar and Workshop Spaces
    • Material and Product Display and Retail Spaces
  • Office Support Services
    • Secretary Services
    • Information Services
  • Consultancy Services
    • Financial Consultancy
    • Accounting and Tax Consultancy
    • Law Consultancy
    • Business Development Consultancy
    • Procurement Consultancy
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Use of Shared Spaces

Entrance Level Shared Services

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Lower Level Shared Services

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Seminar – Workshop Space